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May I submit sample chapters, rather than a full manuscript?

・”Do I really need a full and inclusive edit?

How long will my edit take?

What sort of changes will be made to my story?

Can I send my manuscript back for a second edit?

Can I submit a script / screenplay?

Can Fire Leaves help me get an agent?

On publication, does Fire Leaves retain any rights?

Does Fire Leaves accept submissions from international clients?

“May I submit sample chapters, rather than a full manuscript?”

Most certainly! It is entirely up to you how much material you would like to send for an edit. No matter what length your submission is, we apply the same meticulous insights into what is working, sections that can be improved, and how to fix any issues. We would, however, suggest submitting no less than three sample chapters – preferably the first three of your story.

(Please visit our Pricing page to find further details on costing plans for submissions, and the Submit page to see what to include in your enquiry.)

“Do I really need a full and inclusive edit?

Almost every book that has ever been published will have been thoroughly examined by an experienced editor, with very few worthy exceptions. An editor will spot invisible rogue errors, lend their expert knowledge, and add a professional finish to a manuscript. Unless you have already worked on your story with an editor, then we fully recommend using our full editorial service.

However, if your manuscript has already been professionally edited and is in need of only a final proofread and polish before publication, we are very happy to provide a quote and timescale – the only cost variations being whether the story is in the form of a file document or a hardcopy proof of the book.

“How long will my edit take?”

Once we have received your submission enquiry, we will get back to you with an approximate date when we can start working on your story. We will also supply an estimated time of completion – depending on the length of your manuscript, for most submissions this is usually within 1 – 3 weeks of the start date, and often not longer than a month from the initial enquiry.

Should we take longer than expected with your submission, there are no supplementary fees for the extra time the manuscript is with your editor – this is why we charge by word count, rather than hours worked. Alternatively, if you have a looming deadline we will endeavour to find a way of accelerating the process, but only if this will not compromise the quality of the edit and your finished work.

“What sort of changes will be made to my story?”

Your editor will offer plenty of knowledge and advice, suggest alterations and show you where potential improvements can be made, all without directly affecting the original document; it is entirely up to you which of these changes you choose to apply. While our services act as a very effective and reliable guide, the author is in complete control of their work throughout the entire process.

(To discover more information about how we work with authors, please visit our Editorial Services page. We encourage any authors who have not used an editing service before to thoroughly examine all of the information that we have supplied, or to get in touch if they require assistance. We will be able to help.)

“Can I send my manuscript back for a second edit?”

Once we have completed our work, and you have studied our comments, you will have a clear sense of what is needed to improve your manuscript. If, however, you are still stuck on certain aspects or need further advice, we will of course take a look at the changes you have made and give feedback on selected sections – at no extra charge.

In other circumstances, if you have significantly changed the theme or structure of your work to point that it is, essentially, a new story, we are happy to negotiate a lower cost for a complete second edit. Or you might instead decide that it would be of benefit to arrange an editorial consultation by telephone or video call.

“Can I submit a script / screenplay?”

We do have experience in editing and formatting screenplays, but it is not a particular area of expertise, so we would recommend using a specialist script editor. If you have already done so and would like a proofread of your work, we are very happy to quote you a price, relative to the length of the manuscript. Alongside this, we would offer valuable suggestions and insights into any aspects that you might be able to improve. Just let us know what it is that you need.

“Can Fire Leaves help me get an agent?”

In a sense, yes: by employing the services of an editor you are giving yourself the best possible chance of getting your work noticed. But in a more straightforward sense, no. We do not have an affiliation with any literary agents or agencies, and we cannot forward work to them on your behalf. After all, it is you that the literary agencies want to hear from. We’re just here to help you get ready.

“On publication, does Fire Leaves retain any rights?

Absolutely not! Our role is simply to offer you the very best book editing service and support that we can. Your story is – and remains in its entirety – solely your intellectual property, to use however you wish. We would very much like to hear of your future successes – whether self-printed or traditionally published – but once our work is done, and you have confirmed that the returned copy is in hand, we will remove your manuscript from our systems.

“Does Fire Leaves accept submissions from international clients?”

We love to work with all authors, wherever in the world they are from; the only proviso is that the submitted manuscript must be written in English. Our services are perfectly suited to international authors who need to check their usage of the English language. The inclusion of patois is not a problem – quite the opposite – please just let us know in advance.

From our base here in the UK, there is nothing more exciting than discovering a diverse range of stories, from writers of all kinds of different backgrounds. So, wherever you are from, we welcome you all. We can’t wait to read your story.

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