・About Us・

We are a small team with 12 years’ experience in the extraordinary world of words. As authors ourselves, we well-know the elation of a completed manuscript, the dizzying frustration of a stalled story, and the despair of a failing plot, and we are still as passionate about all facets of writing as we have ever been. Many authors dread editing, but not us. We love it.

Skill and commitment

Through dedication to the ancient craft of storytelling, we have learned what is needed to shape a story to the highest publishable standards. There are plenty of neat tricks to improve even the most finely-honed novels; with a sharp eye focussed on quality prose, our editorial service employs them all.

Working with authors

The bespoke developmental editing package that Fire Leaves offers gives authors the tools needed to turn a good story into an exceptional novel. Working closely with authors, we help to identify how they can improve their writing skills, create captivating plots, and learn new techniques for composing successful stories. If any writers are struggling with their work and do not quite feel ready to submit their story for editing, we also offer a consultancy service and will help to find solutions.

Please visit our Editorial Services page to find out more.

Fire Leaves doesn’t hire freelance editors, and never shall. The service that we offer is too unique to jeopardise the quality of our work and the commitment we have to our authors. And of equal importance to us: we want to read your story.