・Editorial Services・

Whether you are preparing to self-publish your novel or are planning to submit your story to literary agents, employing a highly skilled editor gives you the best possible chance of getting your work noticed. Of course, you might just be writing for fun, right now, and would simply like an opinion on how you are doing. Whatever your ultimate goal is, we can help.

When working with you on your manuscript, not only will we show you the best ways of improving your story, you will also learn plenty of new techniques and strategies to set you on a path to becoming a better writer.

What you get

Our bespoke developmental editing package includes a comprehensive copy edit, line edit and proofread. Every manuscript that we receive is carefully examined, considering all aspects of narrative and structure, grammar and punctuation.

Throughout the returned document, you will discover “real time” feedback embedded in comments using the Track Changes tool. This is a guided dialogue between the editor and the author that highlights any issues, offers insights into how to fix them, and generally tightens up the prose. With each novel as unique as the authors who write them, you will always remain in complete control over whatever changes you would like to make.

In addition to the fully edited manuscript, you will also receive an in-depth assessment: an overview detailing your editor’s findings. This document will be an invaluable reference in how best to approach any rewrites. It will also help you to understand where and how improvements might be made; working with you to add a greater value to your novel, and shaping it into a thing of real beauty.

If your editor feels that it might be of benefit, we will also forward our well-practiced formatting guide. Not only will this help your work to stand out from others, it will save you a lot of time with all of your future projects.

When the edit is finished

Although your editorial assessment will address potential problems within your story, it is possible that you might have further questions, or feel uncertain how to approach your next draft. Whatever it is that you need help with, we remain open to you for any post-edit support that you might need. In the unlikely event that we cannot help directly, we will certainly be able to direct you to further resources.


When your novel is finished and ready for release, we encourage authors to let us know. To assist you in marketing your book, we will create a post on our blog and social media feeds, helping to expose your story to a higher number of potential readers – all for no extra charge.

Editorial Consultancy

It is possible that you might not yet feel ready to submit your manuscript and just want to chat about a problem related to writing. If you’re feeling a bit stuck on your story, overwhelmed by something that isn’t working, or struggling with an alternative literary issue, we offer a consultancy service to help find a solution. Should you later choose to submit your manuscript for editorial work, the consultancy fee is deducted from the overall cost of your edit.

To find out more, please visit our Telephone Consultations page.

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