Our editorial services are designed to help authors of all abilities, writing in any genre. We welcome submissions of any length. If you are ready to invest extra finesse into your novel, we look forward to working with you.


Our services are very competitively priced at £8 per 1,000 words. An approximate date that you can expect to receive your fully edited manuscript will be supplied at the time of your enquiry. Depending on the length of your submission, this would usually be returned to you, fully edited, within three weeks of the agreed start date. If you require your work to be returned sooner, we are very happy to discuss flexibility.

Once your payment has been received, this guarantees an exclusive edit of your work and direct access to your editor at all times – even out of working hours, if needed.

Calculating your fee

To help calculate the cost of your submission, we have put together a table charting the costs. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We welcome all enquiries, and endeavour to respond as quickly as we can – usually within a few hours.

For a reminder of the amazing amount of feedback that you will receive when you work with Fire Leaves, please visit our Editorial Services page.

Authors’ rights

All copyright remains as the property of the author. We do not store any submissions – full or in part – on our systems for later reference, unless expressly requested by the author. We will also never share or discuss submitted work with anyone other than the author, or a third party nominated in writing by the author.

Our role is simply to offer you the very best editorial service that we can.

Book a consultation

If you are feeling a bit stuck with your story, or would like to chat about any other aspect of your writing, did you know that we also offer a consultancy service for authors? Find out more . . .